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How to Choose an Interior Photographer

Choosing a photographer for whatever niche you're looking for can be a minefield. Whether it's choosing the perfect match for your wedding, headshots, or someone to shoot your home. There seem to be so many choices, so how do you know you're making the right one?

There are plenty of resources out there for choosing, say, a wedding photographer, but there is little written on choosing an interior photographer who will come and shoot your home or commercial space. Of course, many of these points will overlap regardless of the niche and in this easy how-to, I will guide you through some of the things to consider when choosing the right interior photographer for you!

Have a vision

This step is crucial when it comes to choosing a photographer. Having a clear vision of what you want the final photographs to look like, and ultimately how you want them to feel will guide your choice. Start by writing down a few words to describe the desired result or get on Pinterest and create a style board including inspiration for the types of photographs you want of your home, the editing style, the angles, and the overall feeling.

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Do your research

Once you have an idea of what kind of images you're after, start with a basic google search of interior photographers in your area. Many photographers will travel beyond a certain catchment area so you don't need to stick to the exact city/location you're in. But bear in mind, they will likely charge travel expenses for going further afield.

Things to look out for include the location or areas they cover, the type of services and packages they offer, the type of interiors they shoot, and above all, their style. All of this information can usually be found on their website, but it's also worth looking at any other platforms they present themselves and their work on, whether it's socials like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., or freelancing sites such as Fiverr, or Bark. In 2023, any photographer worth their salt will have an online presence - make the most of it in your research.

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Browse their portfolio

Remember that vision you established? Maybe it's a Pinterest board or just words but now is the time to keep it front of mind - when browsing a photographer's portfolio. Every interior photographer will have an online portfolio. This is usually showcased on their website or social media.

Going through the images, make a mental note about what jumps out about their style: Do they prefer cooler or warmer tones? Do they produce moody, atmospheric shots or light, and airy ones? Do they favour certain angles? Do they edit colours to be vibrant or more muted? What perspectives do they use? How do their images feel, and what do they communicate? If you like the answers to these questions, you may have found the one!

See what others have said about them

So you've got you've narrowed down your selection of interior photographers. The next step is to read any reviews they may have. That could be Google reviews, testimonials on their website/socials, looking into their previous clients, recommendations or endorsements on LinkedIn, or simply asking around to see if anyone you know has hired them before.

Establish your budget

The topic of a budget doesn't have to be an awkward one. Having an idea of your budget range when researching interior photographers will help make sure you find the right match for you. Get in touch with potential photographers and enquire about their work and pricelist. Be realistic. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Most photographers will have an established price list with the packages they offer. If you find this is beyond your budget, don't haggle. Either move on and find someone suited to your budget or get in touch and see if the photographer can create a bespoke package, in which you will need to compromise on the deliverables. This may mean fewer finished photos or less time shooting/editing. The quality will be the same. Some photographers won't offer bespoke packages, but it's worth an ask.

Manage your expectations

We all know photographers are kinda like magicians. They can create stunning images from seemingly mundane subjects and don't even get me started on Photoshop wizardry. With that being said, interior photographers can't change the fabric of a space. We can shoot what's there and make it look beautiful, but there is a limit to how much we can change what's there. We can shift furniture around, edit things out, brighten things up, change colours, and add a blue sky, but we can't change the room's layout, or structure, or paint on the walls.

If you're getting your home photographed to sell, there are some legal hoops to jump through in that photographers can't edit out things like dampness on the walls, cracks, or anything faulty with the structure of the house. This would be false advertising. So, take a few moments to think about what you expect from your interior shoot, and consider whether it is manageable within the time frame and budget.

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Trust your photographer

Whilst having a vision is crucial for choosing an interior photographer, there should be a level of trust when it comes to the shoot. You've found someone whose style you love, whose vision aligns with yours, and who is within your desired budget and location - smashing! Discussing the desired outcome with the photographer is great and ensures you're both on the same page. However, handing them a strict set of requirements (unless you're shooting in a commercial studio) is a no-no. Trust your photographer to use their creativity and you'll both be much more relaxed and can enjoy the creative process of the shoot!

So there you have it! Some simple steps to help you choose the right photographer to shoot all your glorious interior needs.

Got a shoot booked? The next step is to prepare your home for a photoshoot. Read my top tips here!



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